BOOST infusion based on Organic Sencha Green Tea (90g)

Made in France

Bio Boost Infusion: An Explosion of Vitality and Benefits for the Immune System

Discover the Bio Boost Infusion , a unique formulation for renewed vitality and strengthening the immune system.

Based on organic Sencha green tea , this infusion is recognized for its benefits on the immune system and its stimulating action . Naturveda's Bio Boost infusion combines no less than 9 organic plants and spices, carefully selected for their virtues on the body and their taste.

  • Made with organic Sencha green tea
  • Association of 9 organic plants and spices
  • Stimulating action
  • Benefits on the immune system
  • French made

A natural boost for vitality

Tonic and aromatic, this BOOST infusion has been specially designed to provide a natural boost to people experiencing low vitality and non-pathological states of fatigue. Thanks to the synergy of the plants used, this taste mixture also helps to strengthen the body's defenses and support the immune system.

An original blend for well-being and taste

This BOOST infusion is an original blend that will reboost the body while delighting the palate with its lemony and invigorating notes. It fits perfectly into a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

To live a unique experience of well-being and taste, we have created a range of beneficial infusions, rich in natural plants. Because plants have so much to offer us, it is only natural that we use their benefits to promote your well-being.


Organic Sencha green tea
Organic cardamom
Organic ginger
Organic mate
Organic spearmint
Organic nettle leaves
Organic guarana seeds
Organic turmeric
organic chilli
Natural lime flavor

Preparation tips :

Dosage: 3 to 4g/cup (250ml)

Water temperature: 70/80°C

Infusion time: 2 to 3 min

Best consumed: Before 4 p.m.

Precaution:Store in a cool, dry place.