Natural treatments have been on the rise for some years: herbal medicine, homeopathy, osteopathy, Chinese medicine or Ayurvedic are increasingly associated with patients wishing to avoid the side effects of drugs. A short overview of these natural approaches to the body and some tips to avoid traps.

Over-medication was long in our society. A little pain and hop … a pill to make it disappear! The problem comes mainly from the toxicity of the drugs, your liver, your kidneys, your pancreas, must detoxify your body after taking the treatment. The more your organs work in over-speed and the faster they will get tired. The other side of the coin, the more drugs you take and the less effective you feel. We have been told for a long time « antibiotics are not automatic », but it is also valid for the rest, drugs are not to be taken lightly. Especially that there are very effective natural alternatives now easy to access. The priority today is to change attitudes and encourage more people to turn to these alternatives. Your body will tell you thank you not to load it with chemicals and when it is really necessary to take medicine, their effects will only be better.

Plants and vitamins

Many drugs have been discovered with plants; morphine is extracted from the poppy, aspirin comes from white willow bark, quinine (an antimalarial) comes from a shrub called Quinquina. And we could still list many others, since the very first medicines, in all the civilizations and on all the continents, men understood the interest of using plants to heal themselves. Those who say that plants are not effective are wrong, the problem is not their effectiveness, but rather the quality of the plant we use. In the plant market we find everything and nothing and the problem is there. Prefer plants sold by herbalists or health professionals. A local plant will certainly be more effective than a plant imported from the other side of the world! In food supplement, check that the active ingredients are dosed, an assured concentration of these assets is a guarantee of quality. Buy your products in pharmacies or in herbalists and avoid supermarkets. If your treatment does not seem effective, do not go back to the drug right away, you can try to find a better plant or try another variety. Keep in mind that a plant will always take longer to act, often a month’s cure is the low limit to feel the effects, but eventually a natural treatment will always be much more beneficial…


Dr. Seignalet wrote « Food or the Third Medicine » to emphasize the benefits of healthy eating on chronic conditions. In Chinese or Indian medicine, diet is the number-one remedy for disease, or rather the « preservation of a healthy body ». Because diet brings us all that we need to stay healthy, so it starts with healthy eating! We often hear about « no », no cheese, no gluten, no red meat, etc. Be careful not to fall into the extreme, moreover no real study has shown the interest of these schemes.

According to the precepts of Indian and Chinese medicine, it is necessary to eat everything in just quantity. Excess is always harmful for your body and this is not valid only for food! Too much sport is not beneficial, too much sleep too, too much work ditto, in short you have understood in the body, as in nature, everything is about balance. If you have a chronic condition, you can try one of these diets. But just one at a time! Stopping foods with gluten can help with digestive issues, as well as cheese with joint pains, there is no precise rule. Do a month-long test to see how it works, and do it with a nutritionist or doctor who can follow you through this experience.

The benefits of fasting

Fasting is part of the rituals of ancestral medicine. Many studies have shown the benefits of a young, even very short, on the body. What exactly happens when you fast? To understand the mechanism, one has to ask the question in reverse. When on scabies, the body uses energy to assimilate vitamins, nutrients, trace elements, etc., and to remove all that is not needed, which will end up in the stools and urine. Digestion takes up a large part of our metabolism, after brain function, it is the system that requires more resources for our body! With our current lifestyle, we do not always eat healthy, often too much salty, sweet or oily. During a youth cure any activity related to digestion, so the body may be its energy to detoxify the body. The benefits are felt during a day without eating, if you do an extended fast it is strongly recommended to be supervised by nutritionists, naturopaths or doctors. You can also make small fasts by limiting the diet to a bowl of soup, for example the time of a weekend.

Osteopathy and Holistic Medicines

Healing naturally also involves parallel treatments such as osteopathy, chiropractic, sophrology, ayurveda and acupuncture. These therapies plus your body as a whole and help you fight against your pains, but also to manage your stress and teach you to relax. Ask about your fields of action, you will be surprised! For example, osteopathy can affect your joint pain, but also digestive disorders, headaches and even in infants. We are lucky to have access to a large panel of these natural medicines and it would be a shame to deprive ourselves of them!