Cure 3+1 Mig Spray

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Cure MIG SPRAY: The Complete Solution for the Prevention of Migraines

Discover the cure MIG SPRAY , a special pack designed for those looking for a long-term solution for the prevention of migraines . This exclusive offer includes four MIG SPRAYs, one of which is free, allowing you to benefit from continuous prevention over four months.

A 4-month cure for optimal results

Based on recommendations from a daily use over a period of at least three months, this cure offers a complete treatment plan to reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks . Each spray provides enough for one month of use, so you get full coverage for four months .

Hot Deal: Buy 3, Get 1 Free

We understand that managing migraines is a long-term commitment. That's why we offer a exceptional discount in this cure pack. Buy three MIG SPRAYs and receive one fourth spray for free . It's our way of supporting you on your migraine management journey.

The benefits of the MIG SPRAY cure

The Cure MIG SPRAY offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Long duration : With four months of product, you don't have to worry about running out of your preventive treatment.
  • Savings : With a free spray, you realize significant savings while ensuring an effective and continuous treatment.
  • Optimal Results : Clinical results show that continued use of MIG SPRAY significantly reduces the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches.

How to use the MIG SPRAY cure?

The MIG SPRAY cure must be used daily in addition to your conventional treatments. For optimal effectiveness, a course of MIG SPRAY for at least three months is recommended. However, with this offer, you have enough product for continuous use over four months.


The Cure MIG SPRAY offers a holistic solution And economic for the migraine management . By offering a fourth spray for free, you can maintain your prevention regimen for a longer period of time while saving on the total cost.


Glycerol, 9.10%
Migcyanidin, Polymeric extracts
- Tanacetum parthenium (parthenolide),
- Salix alba,
-Vitis vinifera,
- Mentha piperita
- Curcuma longa
Potassium sorbate,
Citric acid,
sodium benzoate,
Potassium sorbate,
Acacia Gum,
Xanthan gum,

Age :12 years and over

Dosage :2 sprays in each nostril, 2 to 3 times a day. 15 ml spray bottle (2 to 3 weeks).

Precautions: Not recommended for children under 12 and pregnant women, without medical advice.Side effects: Runny nose after use, tingling in the nose, slight burning sensation 1 min after use / Rare: Allergy (Caution presence of salycilated derivatives - for people allergic to aspirin) / Bleeding after use.