Décryptés les flavonoïdes

Deciphered flavonoids

Feb 27, 2024

Flavonoids are a term that refers to a subcategory of polyphenols. These molecules, very present in the plant world, are identified for their multiple health benefits. Complex in their constitution and diverse in their effects, flavonoids deserve particular attention.

How do flavonoids act as antioxidants?

Flavonoids actually function in two main ways as antioxidants. First, they neutralize free radicals directly by donating one of their own electrons, thereby stopping the destructive chain reaction. Second, they improve the health of your immune system which has the ability to fight these free radicals more effectively.

Flavonoids also have an inhibitory action on certain enzymes responsible for the production of free radicals , thus stemming the flow at the source. Thanks to this two-point action, flavonoids are a major asset in the fight against oxidative stress , inflammation and various diseases linked to these dysfunctions.

What are the health benefits of flavonoids?

The subject of flavonoids is extremely broad. These compounds serve as a shield for our body and are directly involved in the healing process. They are widely recognized for their antioxidant , anti-inflammatory , anti-allergic , antiviral and anti-cancer properties.

Flavonoids have the ability to trap free radicals, these unstable molecules that are harmful to our cells. This ability to neutralize free radicals gives them their antioxidant role. A diet rich in flavonoids can therefore help protect the body from oxidative stress, which is involved in many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and premature aging.

Flavonoids have an active inhibitory effect on pro-inflammatory enzymes, they strengthen the immune system and therefore act as anti-inflammatories . They have also demonstrated their protective effects on DNA, preventing cancer initiation by inhibiting cell proliferation and inducing apoptosis (programmed cell death).

Focus on natural sources of flavonoids

Flavonoids , powerful molecules that participate in many biological processes, are present in abundance in many natural sources. Interestingly, these essential health agents are not limited to plants. They are also found in various foods and drinks.

Predominant in tea , fruits (especially berries and citrus), vegetables (like broccoli and onions), and even red wine , these compounds are an integral part of a healthy diet. For example, goji berries, known for their nutritional richness, contain a high content of flavonoids, just like green tea.

The cooking process can sometimes reduce the concentration of flavonoids in vegetables, making it all the more reason to enjoy our vegetables crunchy or lightly steamed. It is also worth mentioning that raw cocoa is also an excellent source of flavonoids.


Flavonoids are molecules to take into consideration for maintaining your health. They offer the body a multitude of benefits , ranging from their role as powerful antioxidants to the protection of the cardiovascular system. Beyond their presence in our food, their study represents a promising field of research for the medicine of tomorrow.

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