Comment souscrire une mutuelle santé sans délai de carence ?

How to take out mutual health insurance without a waiting period?

Mar 07, 2023

Choosing health insurance can sometimes be a real obstacle course. Even if it is difficult to give a precise figure on the number of mutual societies in France, because this number can vary depending on the classification criteria used, it is estimated that there are more than 400. Making a choice can prove to be very complex as the contracts can be different. One of the most commonly cited obstacles concerns the waiting period imposed by the mutual insurance company. So, how can you subscribe to mutual health insurance while protecting yourself as much as possible from waiting periods?

The waiting period to protect insurers

The waiting period is a period during which the insurance does not cover certain health costs, even if the contract has been taken out and the contributions have been paid. This period is generally applied for new members of health insurance, but can also be applied for certain types of guarantees or for relapses of an already known illness. The waiting period may vary depending on the contract and can range from a few days to several months. During this period, the insured must therefore cover the relevant health costs . Coverages subject to a waiting period may include, for example, dental care, glasses, excess fees, etc. It aims to protect the insurer by preventing people from taking out health insurance solely to be reimbursed for health costs already incurred or for pre-existing illnesses. However, it can be inconvenient for policyholders, particularly in the event of illness or health problem requiring immediate treatment.

Negotiate your waiting period

In principle, it is not possible to negotiate the waiting period of a health insurance contract, because this period is set by the insurance company and is often provided for in the general conditions of the contract. However, in certain cases, it may be possible to negotiate the waiting period with the insurance company, in particular if the insured has a special situation or additional guarantees. For example, if the insured person has specific health needs or requires immediate treatment for important medical care, it may be possible to negotiate a shorter waiting period or request an exceptional exemption. This may be the case for pregnant women who wish to benefit from immediate support for costs related to their pregnancy or for people requiring care for chronic illnesses. It is therefore advisable to contact the insurance company to discuss your situation and see if it is possible to negotiate the waiting period. However, it is important to note that the final decision always rests with the insurance company and the negotiation of a shorter waiting period or an exceptional exemption is not guaranteed.

Compare mutual insurance companies with each other to find the best contract

To choose the right health insurance , it is important to analyze the proposal taking into account several criteria:

Compare the cost of mutual insurance

The price is surely the main element. Depending on the contracts and mutual insurance companies, prices can vary greatly, so it is important to compare the different rates offered for equivalent offers and guarantees. Online price comparison sites exist and are often particularly effective.

Pay attention to the excess imposed

The waiting period as well as the exclusion criteria come in second place. It is imperative to also check the deductible that can be applied. This is an amount that the insured must pay each time medical care is provided before the insurance begins to reimburse the costs.

The guarantees of your contract

It is important to check the guarantees included in your contract as well as the level of reimbursement to offer for each of them. At the same time, check the network of health professionals who are affiliated with the mutual insurance company.

Consider your own health needs

It is also important to take your own health needs into account when choosing the most suitable mutual insurance company. For example, if you have specific needs in terms of reimbursement for dental or optical care, it is important to choose a mutual insurance company that offers guarantees adapted to your needs. In conclusion, remember that choosing mutual insurance requires rigorous investigation. The waiting period can vary greatly depending on the type of services offered and the different guarantees included in the contract. Allow time to compare mutual insurance companies and then do not hesitate to request a meeting to explain your situation. You can also ask for specific quotes from mutual insurance companies to make sure you don’t make a mistake.

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