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Focus on serotonin

Feb 22, 2024

brain. It is involved in a multitude of bodily functions, from mood modulation to sleep regulation.

Serotonin and its crucial role in the brain

It plays a role in the transmission of information between neurons . But it doesn't stop there, serotonin is also essential in regulating other bodily functions like sleep, appetite and mood.

Most of our serotonin (around 90%) is produced in our gastrointestinal tract. It is therefore also essential for the proper functioning of our digestive system.

Let’s continue with serotonin in the brain. Its role is essential to us since serotonin is fundamental for the harmonious functioning of our nervous system . A deficiency in this neurotransmitter can lead to symptoms of depression, anxiety and sleep disorders . This is why it is important to maintain sufficient levels of serotonin in our brain.

This is where brain cells , called neurons , come into play. They are the producers of this miracle molecule. Serotonin is synthesized from an essential amino acid called tryptophan , which must be obtained from our diet. Nerve cells then generate serotonin and send it to other neurons as a signal.

The effects of serotonin imbalance

It is vital for you to understand that serotonin imbalance can seriously affect your biological functioning and state of mind . Too high or too low a level of this neurotransmitter can lead to a host of mental and physical health problems.

High levels of serotonin , also known as serotonin syndrome, can lead to agitation, hallucination, increased rate of heartbeat, and in extreme cases, can be life threatening. This situation can be triggered by an excessive dose of antidepressants or the interaction of various medications.

Too low a level of serotonin is linked to depression . Indeed, this is why many antidepressants are targeted to increase serotonin levels in the brain. Other issues, such as anxiety, attention deficit disorder, obsession-compulsion, sleep disorders, and even migraine, are often associated with decreased serotonin.

How to Increase Serotonin Levels Naturally

Physical exercise has been proven to stimulate serotonin production. It doesn't necessarily mean engaging in strenuous activities. A simple daily walk or yoga session may be enough. Adopting an exercise routine can help you maintain optimal serotonin levels.

A balanced diet rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that helps with serotonin production, may also be beneficial. Foods high in tryptophan include bananas, nuts and seeds, soy, turkey and cheese. The more foods containing tryptophan you eat, the more likely your body is to produce serotonin.

Quality sleep is another key to increasing your serotonin levels. During sleep, your brain works to replenish its reserves of neurotransmitters, including serotonin. It is therefore important to ensure that you get restful sleep every night.


Serotonin , this neurotransmitter essential to our functioning, plays a key role in several aspects of our daily life. The full understanding of its complex mechanisms is still under research, but its undeniable importance for our psychological balance is increasingly recognized.

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