Message à ceux qui n’ont jamais eu de migraine

Message to those who have never had a migraine

Mar 20, 2021

If you are one of the 90% of French people (59 million people) who do not know what a migraine is, you are lucky!

I, who have been a migraine sufferer since the age of 15, proclaim loud and clear that you are a lucky guy.

A migraine is a true neurological disease that is classified in the headache family. It has nothing to do with classic headaches. It can last from 4 to 72 hours and plunges the unfortunate into a state of intense pain. The sound , the light , the slightest tension are unbearable . Sometimes accompanied by nausea , vomiting and hypersensitivity , migraine is disabling! Really !

Two women and a man holding their heads in pain on different color backgrounds

If you haven't had a migraine before, you don't know!

Migraineurs have all heard it: “Me too, I have a headache from time to time; a doliprane and it passes”.

So, let's be clear, a migraine is a type of headache , but it cannot be cured with a Doli. With a migraine, we hit the luxury of headaches... a kind of headache that is not accessible to everyone. The GUCCI of headaches... still tempted by empathy?

The next time someone close to you tells you that he/she has a migraine, a real one, be compassionate and ask him/her how you could reduce your impotence! Thank you very much !

If you think we can do otherwise, go your way!

Although the precise mechanism of its release is unknown, once it is launched, it becomes like a high-speed train: it cannot be stopped . The pain gradually settles in the cranium and hits harder and harder until it is unbearable. Suggesting that a migraine sufferer do something else to feel better or do an activity is NOT a good idea. Indeed, if physical activity is preventive, it is contraindicated in times of crisis.

Chocolate, charcuterie, alcohol, gluten... can I serve you something else for your next migraine?

Around me, I apparently have many doctors who advise me to stop my consumption of chocolate, cold cuts, gluten, alcohol, or even cheddar. Eating chocolate makes you fat, of course, but it does not seem to me that this is the origin of the migraine.

This neurological disease has nothing to do with chocolate, deli meats or alcohol.

However, it happens that migraine sufferers know each other well and know that certain foods or certain activities are likely to serve as a trigger. But in general, we don't need your expert opinion to know that...thanks!

You don't look like you have a migraine though...

So, yes, I don't look like it, but I'm still in pain... You have to know that it's an invisible disease. It is disconcerting and agonizing for those around you because of the impotence it produces. The suffering person has no visible symptoms, hence the received idea that we have nothing. If you have ever experienced it, you know that migraine is not visible. In fact, she becomes so after a few days in pain. We then see large dark circles under the eyes, pallor in the complexion, as well as an extremely high rate of fatigue. "Yet you looked good yesterday..." — Yes, that's not true.

Migraine is in the head!

Exactly, yes. It's right in the head that it hits like an elf which would have slipped by the ear then made its way into the brain with the help of a jackhammer. Do you see the idea? Wow, that hurts so much! This neurological disease affects the brain, the cervical spine, and the nervous system. So, telling migraine sufferers that it's a psychosomatic illness and reducing it to a simple headache is a bit insulting...

Can I get you some water for your migraine too?

Drinking water is not a solution to alleviate the pain of a migraine. Besides, if water could heal, I think it would be known. And then, when you are nauseous or vomiting, drinking water is not a solution, it is in fact quite the opposite.

I remind you that even by regularly drinking water, having regular physical activity and a healthy diet, we are not immune to a migraine attack, since it is a biological disease.

I admit, however, that a healthy life is a way to reduce the frequency of migraines, but certainly not to avoid them.

Aunt Marge tried this...

Migraine is relatively unknown to the general public, and to the medical profession as well. Since this disease has few symptoms, it is difficult to study.

People in crisis are not necessarily inclined to undergo neurological examinations... and it is easy to understand why! However, many people have solutions to offer migraine sufferers. You think we haven't already tested a lot of stuff? You are kind with your advice, but in my opinion, it has been noted in the notebook of failures of home care for migraine! And God knows that we have blackened pages!

Now you know what to do when someone you love shares their migraine pain with you...

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