Valentin, 23 ans, ancien migraineux

Valentin, 23 years old, former migraine sufferer

Apr 09, 2021

Hello, I'm Valentin, I'm 23, I live near Marseille and I'm going to tell you about the solutions I've found for migraines. My life has been filled with all kinds of health problems... including migraines. Evils that came to settle one fine morning and which left 3 days later... leaving me exhausted and unable to rest.

I searched for solutions for a long time.

I have looked to many doctors, naturopaths, acupuncturists for solutions, tried many things and very few have worked for me. In 2018 I change my diet by permanently stopping gluten and dairy products. Big victory for me I reduce the frequency of my headaches by 2! I was super happy but I didn't stop there, I continued to learn about the human body, and I found another solution there: fasting. It's really fasting 2 to 3 days a month that allowed me to say goodbye to all my migraines.

In the end, grandmother's remedies remain the best.

To find solutions, I think we should ask ourselves why we have migraines rather than how to make them disappear? Because otherwise we risk deluding ourselves and believing that migraine is the problem... it's not the case... the balance of your body and your living conditions ... are the solution!

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