ANTISCAR traitement pour les plaies chroniques et les ulcères


ANTISCAR: The innovative treatment for Chronic Wounds and Ulcers

ANTISCAR is a breakthrough in wound care. In the form of an innovative liquid dressing , it is specially designed to treat chronic wounds, pressure sores and ulcers effectively and quickly. Its advanced technology and unique formula speed up the healing process and minimize the complications commonly associated with these types of skin lesions.

Technology based on natural polymers

ANTISCAR uses specific polymers that form a protective barrier on the wound. This barrier prevents bacteria from entering the wound, reducing the risk of infection. In addition, ANTISCAR contains moisturizing agents that maintain a moist environment conducive to cell and tissue regeneration - a crucial step for effective wound healing .

Clinical evidence of the effectiveness of ANTISCAR

A study published in the journal Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice found that ANTISCAR significantly improves healing in patients with chronic wounds and diabetic foot ulcers. The results not only demonstrated a reduction in healing time, but also a reduction in the risk of infection.

Ease of use and comfort for the patient

ANTISCAR is not only effective , but also easy to use. It does not require specific material for its application and is discreet and flexible, offering comfort and mobility to the patient.

Matrix Metalloprotease (MMP) Inhibition Technology

ANTISCAR implements an innovative MMP inhibition technology. MMPs are enzymes that degrade components of the extracellular matrix, a key structure for supporting and surrounding cells in tissues. Excessive MMP activity can impair wound healing. ANTISCAR's technology regulates the activity of MMPs, thereby promoting tissue regeneration and faster healing.


ANTISCAR offers a complete solution for the treatment of chronic wounds, bedsores and ulcers. This product accelerates the healing process, protects against infection, is easy to apply, provides patient comfort and uses innovative MMP inhibition technology for optimal healing.


Glycerol, (66.52%)
MMP-cyanidin polymers
- derived from extracts of Camellia sinensis leaves and Vaccinium myrtillus berries
Xanthan gum

Age :12 years and over

Precautions: Not recommended for children under 12 and pregnant women, without medical advice/ Side effects: in some cases, mild to moderate local irritation may be observed after application, but disappears after a few minutes.