Arthroveda anti-inflammatory balm

Made in France

ARTHROVEDA Balm: Professional care for the well-being of Muscles and Joints

Rich in active ingredients, this artisanal balm has been specially developed to relieve muscles and joints . Thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory and vasodilator properties, it stimulates blood circulation to prepare for exercise. It is also ideal for combating osteoarthritis pain or tendonitis .

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Handcrafted balm
Local plants (except spices) and French manufacturing
Jar 100ml

Rich in natural active ingredients for the well-being of muscles and joints

Designed in close collaboration with osteopaths, physiotherapists, doctors* and athletes, the Arthroveda balm offers high quality care, rich in natural active ingredients, against osteoarthritis, arthritis, rheumatism, tendonitis, sprains, strains or for muscle recovery in athletes .

Whether you are athletic, suffer from joint pain or simply looking for a natural product to prepare and recover after an effort, the Arthroveda balm is positioned as the natural ally to take care of your muscles and joints .

*Practitioners from the paramedical clinic of Les Salins, Clermont-Ferrand


of which :
Oily macerates of turmeric and comfrey and harpagophytum
Elemi Ginger and Ajowan Essential Oils

No coloring or preservatives
Free of synthetic fragrances and mineral oils

Jar 50ml