Fibromyalgia Complex

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FIBROMYALGIA COMPLEX: A Dietary Supplement for the Relief of Fibromyalgia Symptoms

This innovative nutritional supplement has been carefully designed to provide holistic support for those suffering from fibromyalgia . Fibromyalgia is a complex disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain , persistent fatigue , and trouble sleeping , among other symptoms. Fibromyalgia Complex targets these symptoms with a unique formula made with high quality natural ingredients.

Complex FM: Specifically formulated for fibromyalgia

Complex FM has been specially developed to target the symptoms of fibromyalgia , based on the latest scientific research. We use natural ingredients carefully selected for their effectiveness, such as Griffonia simplicifolia titrated in 5HTP, magnesium citrate , L-tryptophan and other essential vitamins and minerals.

An observational clinical study

Our observational clinical study for Complex FM showed significant improvement in FIQ (Fibromyalgia Impact Measurement Questionnaire) scores in patients with fibromyalgia after two months of treatment with Complex FM. The average FIQ scores decreased by 30% , highlighting the effectiveness of our dietary supplement in supporting fibromyalgia patients.

A comprehensive approach for fibromyalgia

Complex FM treats fibromyalgia holistically, targeting various aspects such as pain, fatigue, sleep, mood, immune system and cognitive function, to support patients' quality of life.

Key Ingredients of Complex FM

  • Griffonia simplicifolia (30% 5-HTP) : Promotes the production of serotonin, helping to regulate mood, sleep and pain.
  • Magnesium Citrate : Helps reduce fatigue and support muscle and nerve function.
  • L-tryptophan : Precursor to serotonin, helping to improve mood and quality of sleep.
  • Zinc citrate, iron bisglycinate and selenomethionine : Support the immune system and cognitive function.
  • Vitamins B6, D and B12 : Contribute to energy production, bone health and the normal functioning of the nervous system.

The Fibromyalgia Complex offers you an innovative and natural approach to managing the symptoms of fibromyalgia . Each ingredient has been carefully selected based on the latest scientific research to provide you with an effective and safe solution.


Griffonia simplicifolia, 150mg (90mg of 5HT-P)
- of which 5-HTP, 30%
Magnesium Citrate, 150mg (80%)
- of which MAGNESIUM CITRATE, 14.5%
Rice flour, 96 mg/L
L-Tryptophan, 60mg (120mg)
Zinc Citrate, 7.5mg (150%)
- of which ZINC CITRATE, 30.50-32.50%
Iron Bisglycinate, 6 mg (86%)
- of which IRON BISGLYCINATE, 17-19%
Vitamin B6, 1mg (143%)
Selenomethionine, 0.125mg (182%)
- of which SELENIUM, 40%
Vitamin, 0.075mg (300%)
Vitamin, 0.002mg (160%)

Age :18 years old

Dosage:2 capsules/day. 1 month treatment

Precautions:Do not exceed the recommended daily dose / Side effects: Excessive consumption may have laxative effects.