Organic SPIRULINA (seaweed) Premium


Organic Spirulina: Food supplement for your Vitality and Well-being

Organic Spirulina is a natural dietary supplement that provides a natural boost to your energy and vitality , while supporting your immune system and promoting detoxification in the body . Thanks to its richness in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it offers a multitude of health benefits.

Vitality | Immunity | Detoxifying
Organic Agriculture
Bottle of 60 capsules (cure 1 month)

ORGANIC Spirulina: Energy / vitality

Spirulina is a blue-green algae rich in protein, vitamins B1, B2 and B3, minerals (iron, magnesium and potassium) and antioxidants, making it a superfood, ideal for increasing energy and vitality.

Organic Spirulina: Immune system

Thanks to its phycocyanin content, spirulina stimulates the immune system. Its richness in nutrients also contributes to general health and well-being, thus strengthening the immune system.

ORGANIC Spirulina: Detoxification

Spirulina is known for its power to bind heavy metals and other toxins, facilitating their elimination from the body. In addition, it supports the health of the liver, an essential organ in the detoxification of the body.


Organic Spirulina (seaweed) (Spirulina platensis (Gomont) Geitler), 520mg/2 capsules
vegetable capsule

Bottle of 60 capsules (cure 1 month)

Dosage:Take 2 capsules a day with a glass of water, preferably during meals.

Precautions:Do not exceed the recommended daily dose / Can not replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle / Close the pill box tightly after use / Store in a cool, dry place and out of reach of children /Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women without medical advice.