Foot care: Podoveda handmade balm

Made in France

PODOVEDA Balm: A professional treatment for foot health

Taking care of your feet is essential for your well-being and mobility. According to the principles of reflexology, our whole body is connected to our feet. In this sense, we have designed the Podoveda balm , a complete natural care for the health of the feet . Developed in collaboration with health professionals such as podiatrists, osteopaths, physiotherapists*, this high-quality balm combines Ayurvedic tradition and French know-how to meet the needs of your feet.

Health feet | Hydration | Crevices | Cores | Fungal infections | Calluses...
Handcrafted balm
Local plants (except spices) and French manufacturing
Jar 100ml

Rich in natural active ingredients to take care of your feet

Rich in natural active ingredients, the Podoveda balm is particularly effective in taking care of your feet. It offers a moisturizing, repairing, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and regenerating power for the skin.

Podoveda balm is ideal if you have difficulty walking, pain during physical or sports activities. Its properties contribute to the relief and attenuation of calluses, cracks, calluses, mycoses, warts, bad odors or even ingrown nails. It is also perfectly suited for athletes in order to limit friction and preserve the plantar fascia.

*Practitioners from the paramedical clinic of Les Salins, Clermont-Ferrand


of which :
Oily turmeric macerate
Beeswax and Honey
Extracts of fenugreek and fumitory
Tea tree and ginger essential oils

No coloring or preservatives
Free of synthetic fragrances and mineral oils

Jar 100ml