Aliments « anti-cancer » : que valent-ils vraiment ?

“Anti-cancer” foods: what are they really worth?

Mar 20, 2021

Preventing cancer through diet is what many health professionals are beginning to promote. Indeed, it is now recognized that food plays a fundamental role in physical and mental health. It is part of a global approach to prevent this scourge of the 21st century.

Faced with the virulence that this disease can have, it is normal to wonder about the effectiveness of this method in the fight against cancer . Or at least in the prevention of certain cancers . If you are in doubt and, like us, you want to know which foods to eat. Here are some answers that should help you establish your own “anti-cancer diet”.

Fruits and vegetables top the list of foods against cancer

Many fruits and vegetables have anticarcinogenic properties.

When we know that 20% of cancers are attributed to diet. The consumption of fruits and vegetables must be central to establishing a balanced diet. The key to benefit from all their virtues is to opt for a diversified intake and, if possible, respecting the seasons.

The consumption of dietary fiber, thanks to fruits and vegetables, is particularly recommended to prevent colon cancer . But also lungs, mouth or stomach.

Garlic and onion are very high in antioxidants . They are therefore very effective against free radicals , responsible for cell aging .

Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of phytochemicals, natural compounds that give them a bright color. This composition in large quantities just happens to contribute greatly to the prevention of cancer. This is particularly the case for the glucosinolates contained in cabbage and broccoli . This agent gives them their dark green color which greatly contributes to the protective effect of the whole organism.

Among the foods with high anti-cancer properties, there are also watermelon or tomato which contain lycopene and give these two foods their red color. It is said that the regular consumption of fruits and vegetables containing lycopene would reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 30%.

In general, 5 servings of fruit and vegetables are therefore recommended per day, i.e. a total of 150 grams minimum. It is the association and the particular form of vitamins and minerals provided by the consumption of fruits and vegetables that makes it possible to prevent cancer.

The beneficial contribution of the consumption of fish and meat

As part of a preventive diet for all types of cancer, we are not going to put a cross on fish and meat. But rather moderate their consumption because they can still have interesting contributions.

For fish, for example, it is recommended to favor lean fish with a controlled origin. Indeed, thanks to the Calipso study, we know that fish consumption is responsible for 90% of the load of carcinogenic heavy metals present in our body. Salmon would also be at the top of the species that are the most loaded with it. Fatty fish can provide them with omega 3 . Essential for the proper functioning of the heart and contributing to the prevention of many diseases such as cancer.

Overall, the consumption of seafood and fish can provide an interesting protein intake .

As far as meat is concerned, there is no point in stigmatizing red meats. The most important thing is to control the quantities and to avoid excess red meat and charcuterie at all costs. Also, the cooking method counts for a lot. During a preventive diet, it is better to avoid cooking on the barbecue and favor the pan (provided of course that you do not burn the food).

The most effective foods to prevent cancer

To prevent cancer and ensure adequate antioxidant intake, some nutrients are better than others.

For example, turmeric, red wine, pomegranate juice or green tea will have a positive effect on the development of anti-cancer cells. Added to this are whole grains and legumes which contain interesting fiber and low energy density. The World Cancer Research Fund also recommends a consumption of 25 grams of dietary fiber per day to prevent cancer.


Among the foods deemed "anti-cancer" it should also be noted that the rational intake of food supplements , such as selenium or quercetin can be beneficial in the prevention of cancer.

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