La sève de bouleau pour mincir

Birch sap to help you lose weight

Mar 20, 2021

Spring is approaching, announcing the waltz of slimming diets. What if this year, you decide to do a birch sap cure to help you lose weight ? The benefits of this sap from the Nordic countries are increasingly recognized. Indeed, consumed in detox cure , this liquid close to water, harvested in March during the rise of sap, is a precious ally during weight loss .

Birch sap used in cure, a formidable effective weapon to lose weight

A slimming and detoxifying juice

This nectar with a slightly sweet and tangy taste, rich in minerals and trace elements, helps detoxify your body and lose excess pounds . This detox water is ideal for regaining a flat stomach and fighting cellulite. It has a draining action and will allow you to eliminate toxins and organic waste from your body. Birch sap acts on the emunctory organs: liver, kidneys, intestines when they have been overworked during the holidays. Used as a cure, it will help you lose weight .

Birch sap helps fight water retention

This detox water is known for its diuretic action . It promotes the production of urine and eliminates excess water in the body. If you are prone to fluid retention in your stomach, legs, or face, birch sap will help you get rid of it .

In what form should you choose birch sap?

Harvested in early spring, the raw sap that rises from the roots to the leaf is rich in minerals. The ideal is to buy it pure from producers, in organic stores or have it delivered via the Internet. You have to drink it quickly, because it does not keep very long, and store it in a cool place. You will avoid consuming it pasteurized, because pasteurization alters the composition of the sap. It then loses its effectiveness. You can find it mixed with alcohol to ensure better preservation. Also, some brands add plant extracts, buds and young shoots, to maximize the effects of birch sap . Avoid confusing it with birch sap, which has different properties.

How to use it ?

Every morning, before breakfast , mix 60 ml of this nectar with water at room temperature, so as not to attack your stomach. You must drink it on an empty stomach and wait about fifteen minutes before eating for its action to be effective. Take the opportunity to wake up gently, meditate, do yoga exercises, stretch or read a book. This cure should be done for 3 weeks ideally.

Combined with a balanced diet and regular physical activity, birch sap will help you lose weight . You will find it in organic stores, or from producers. Birch sap is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, children, and people with kidney disease. Respect the dosage indicated and do not hesitate to seek the advice of your doctor or pharmacist.

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