Les bienfaits du thé matcha

The benefits of matcha tea

Feb 28, 2024

Considered a superfood, matcha tea has been used for centuries in Eastern traditions, both for its incredible taste qualities and for its beneficial health properties.

Matcha tea: a superfood rich in antioxidants

Matcha tea , this bright green superfood, is known for its richness in antioxidants. These essential compounds that it contains in abundance are recognized for their incredible ability to fight free radicals in the body.

Scientifically, antioxidants are molecules that inhibit the oxidation of other molecules, a process that can produce free radicals . These can damage cells and contribute to various health problems, including premature aging and certain chronic diseases. By consuming matcha tea regularly, you increase your intake of antioxidants, which can help neutralize free radicals.

Matcha tea contains a class of antioxidants called catechins. Catechins are considered the most potential of plant antioxidants, particularly Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) . EGCG is the most abundant and potent catechin in matcha tea, and its consumption has been linked to many health benefits.

Matcha tea also contains L-theanine , a rare amino acid that has a calming effect on the mind, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. L-Theanine has been shown to promote concentration and attention, which can be particularly beneficial in times of intensive work or meditation.

Matcha tea and heart health

For centuries, matcha tea has been recognized for its multiple health benefits. These benefits include improved cardiovascular health . Regular consumption of matcha tea can help prevent heart problems and keep your heart functioning properly.

Matcha tea, rich in bioactive components such as catechins , has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It contains a particular class of catechin, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) , which is recognized for its cardio-protective properties. EGCG helps reduce LDL (the “bad” cholesterol ) and increase HDL (the “good” cholesterol), thereby promoting better heart health.

Matcha tea helps lower blood pressure . Regular consumption of this precious green tea reduces the risk of hypertension, a precursor condition of cardiovascular diseases.

Matcha tea and weight management

It is essential to understand that matcha tea can have a significant positive impact on your weight management . This is because of its metabolic boosting properties and the fact that it is remarkably low in calories.

Matcha tea, containing EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) type catechins, is known to increase thermogenesis (the production of body heat) and thus promote fat burning. These catechins appear to inhibit the enzyme that breaks down norepinephrine. When this enzyme is inhibited, the amount of norepinephrine increases, accelerating lipolysis (the breakdown of lipids).

This resistance to fat accumulation and improved metabolic efficiency can lead to significantly lower levels of body fat, particularly in the abdomen region. It could also help moderate blood sugar levels, improving overall health.

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