"Une pomme chaque matin, éloigne le médecin"

“An apple every morning keeps the doctor away”

Jan 05, 2024

The apple is such a common fruit that we would not imagine that it could have therapeutic virtues . However, a famous English adage says that “ An apple a day keeps the doctor away ”.

Let's see what benefits the apple can have on your body and how to use it in herbal medicine.

A little history

Latin name : Malus domestica

Family : Rosaceae

Major active ingredient : pectin for fruit

Form of use : to chew, compote, macerated fresh bud

Major properties of the fruit : satiates, lowers cholesterol, regulates intestinal transit

The apple probably originated in Turkey , but it has become acclimatized to all continents . It was through conquests that it was able to spread throughout the world.

Indeed, it is a fruit that resists time and is easily preserved . The apple was part of all journeys, whether sea or land. The soldiers who took a bite of it spit out the seeds and threw the cores to the ground , which allowed many apple trees to spring up everywhere.

A popular fruit

The apple is a popular, inexpensive fruit, available in red, green and yellow to please all palates. It is a nomadic fruit which produces little juice and can therefore be eaten much cleaner than a peach, which resists transport in a bag without being crushed like strawberries and which hydrates better than a banana.

In short, the apple has it all!

The apple is one of the low-calorie fruits with 130 kcal per 100 g. It contains a majority of water (80%), like many fruits, and sugars, including fructose and sorbitol.

These sugars sit alongside soluble fiber: pectin . This type of soft fiber forms a gel with beneficial properties for intestinal transit , both against constipation and diarrhea. Pectin also has a cholesterol-lowering (which tends to lower blood cholesterol) and satiating action.

5 virtues of apple tree buds

1. It rebalances female sex hormones

Hormonally, the apple tree supports progesterone. Several molecules in its bud bear a similarity to estradiol and progesterone, our two main female sex hormones.

It is useful in pathologies of hyperestrogenism, such as premenstrual syndrome, endometriosis, as well as in menopause.

2. It slows down skin aging

On the skin level, we know that aging (decrease in collagen and hyaluronic acid) combined with the reduction of our hormones reduces the tone, firmness and elasticity of the skin with the formation of wrinkles.

It has been shown that apple bud preserves the longevity of our skin cells and thus delays the signs of senescence, such as fine lines, wrinkles or even brown spots.

Combined with plant-based supplements, apple is an ally for beautiful skin.

3. It prevents cardiovascular diseases

On a metabolic and cardiovascular level, just like the fruit, apple bud has a positive effect on the liver and cholesterol metabolism. It's a depurative. It reduces cholesterol and lowers triglycerides and blood pressure.

4. It soothes anxiety and helps with withdrawal

On a cerebral and emotional level, apple tree bud calms and soothes anxious states , irritability, migraines and sleep disorders. It harmonizes the different neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin), which can even make it useful in addiction withdrawal problems, in association with kudzu.

5. It helps you lose weight

It is recommended for weight loss and slimming issues because it is a healthy snack that can replace more caloric snacking. It is also recommended for hypercholesterolemia problems, because its fibers capture a good part of dietary cholesterol.

The apple is eaten either at the end of a meal or as a snack in the morning and/or afternoon, or even in the evening.

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