Impact psychologique & social de la migraine chronique

Psychological & social impact of chronic migraine

Aug 18, 2021

An invisible disease

Although invisible, chronic migraine is indeed a disabling disease. Whether the person is single, in a couple, married, with or without children, this pathology will impact their life, at all levels. Indeed, an attack does not 'prevent', even if some people can, upstream of the attacks, have migraine auras . And even then, it's an hour at most.

A disrupted daily life

It therefore becomes difficult to live a 'normal' daily life. Because being a migraine sufferer also means not being available for loved ones, family, children, for a certain time of the week, or even of the month... Missed moments in life, where the person must remain cloistered in bed without light or noises, which can make migraine sufferers very unhappy. Since this disease is not recognized, there is not yet, officially, an adaptation of the place and/or the pace of work for people suffering from chronic migraines. This can be a brake on any new job that may arise, both for the applicant (migraine sufferer), and on the part of the recruiter. You can also read our article " Migraine in business ", testimony of a HRD whose mission was to manage teams in which one of the members suffered from chronic migraines.

A shameful disease?

A “shameful” disease , why use this term? Because no one is proud to be sick, and moreover a disease invisible to the naked eye can make those who suffer from it look like lazy, unreliable people. Very hard to live with, this disease should be better known to the general public, in order to be able to support those who suffer from it.

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