Ostéopathie et migraine

Osteopathy and migraine

Jul 22, 2021

I tried osteopathy to relieve migraine

It was while discussing with a migraine sufferer friend, Martine, that I discovered what osteopathy was. Martine is a follower of the alternative. She seeks to avoid drug treatments as much as possible. We know very well that when you have migraine, the solutions are temporary. Medications that provide relief do not last because the body adapts. For alternative medicine, it's the same. After a few months of practice, the body understands that it can react as it did before and it is back to square one. Martine's alternatives are a way to gain time over the illness. And when we know that migraine is like marriage, it is for life, it is in our best interest to cope with it as best we can. On the way to test osteopathy for migraines.

On the first date

During my first meeting with the specialist, he clearly explained to me that he was not a magician, that he could not make my migraines disappear and that I should, under no circumstances, stop my treatment or take any medications. initiatives without talking to the neurologist. Message received. Then, he explained to me that the manipulations were intended to help me relieve the pain of a very specific type of migraine: those that come from nerve tension. The connection with the stress I was feeling (at the time due to college exams) was clearly established. This gentleman was incredibly gentle and kind. He immediately understood that I was skeptical about his ability to help me with this illness that had been gnawing at me for years. But he persevered in his explanations to the point of convincing me. We talked for a few minutes about my expectations — namely to no longer have pain and live normally, without being afraid that too bright a light, too loud a noise or that stress would trigger a new attack — then he explained to me what he could do by detailing his manipulation. For my part, he offered to manipulate my neck, warning me that there would surely be a crack. According to him, a nerve must be pinched (I don't remember the exact term he used) or too close to a spinal bone, which causes some of my monthly migraines. He seemed sure of himself and above all he would be able to help me...

On the handling table

He invited me to sit on the table. I remember its overhead light was very bright and hurt my eyes. I was already starting to feel dizzy so I closed my eyes. Then he put his hands under my head and down to the back of my neck. I didn't feel any cracking, just heat spreading. It was a very pleasant feeling. I suddenly felt my muscles relax, something that hadn't happened in a very long time. In the end, he had lied: he must still be a bit of a magician! He turned my head to the left then to the right. I felt like a rag doll being played with. Still no cracking. Phew. I realized, at one point, that the crunching of my bones was making me a little anxious. It was then that I felt myself slipping. Eyes closed, feeling of relaxation... it was enough to fall asleep in a minute. As we were, moreover, in silence, and I, lying down and relaxed, I fell asleep for a few seconds. He noticed it and gently woke me up.

Before leaving the office

Of course, I apologized and I hope he didn't hold it against me, then we continued with the session. As he moved, I felt that something was happening in my body and my head, something physical. If I had to describe it, I would say that it's like a kind of switch that we activated and which ended up in the low position. He then told me the end of the manipulation. Surprised, I tell him that I didn't feel the dreaded cracking. I remember his smile and his answer: “Yes, I didn't crack, you seemed to be afraid of the noise. ". Rather the pain, but yes, I had fears. Before closing the session, he told me that this type of manipulation was temporary. I should probably come back in a few weeks to do it again. If it works, I would come back with pleasure!

2 months later

Six weeks passed before my next appointment. It was a wonderful six weeks without the migraine of the first and third weeks of the month. The manipulation had worked perfectly well, and had given me a respite from 4 attacks. My calendar was punctuated by migraine attacks every week during my studies due to lack of sleep, the stress of learning, delayed meals, etc. This period was complicated and painful for me, but osteopathy was a deliverance. Over the months, the study migraines (that's the name I gave them; because I also had hormonal migraine, lunar migraine, and annoyance migraine) lessened until they completely disappeared. . Martine, for her part, was also able to relieve some of her migraines thanks to this technique. So, if you want to test and give osteopathy a chance, do it. At worst, it won't change anything, and at best, you will see an improvement in your situation. Take care of yourself.

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