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Migraine Complications

Nov 04, 2020

Chronic headaches :

It occurs in a migraine patient whose headache is present for 15 days or more per month, for more than 3 months and is the cause of complications. Clinical experience shows that in some patients, the frequency of attacks is very high from the outset, probably constituting a severe form of migraine . But for the majority of patients, it is a long process of transformation, leading from an episodic migraine of a few attacks per month to a chronic attack.

The factors of transformation are numerous and the most frequently found are overweight , an anxio-depressive syndrome and the abuse of seizure treatment , which is defined under the name of headaches with drug abuse . In the latter case, after weaning, at least half of the patients become episodic migraine sufferers again. Thus, the chronicity of migraine headache induced by drug abuse is not always reversible (Donnet et al. 2018). You can relieve migraine naturally.

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Migraine status :

It is defined as an attack of disabling headache that lasts longer than 72 hours . The duration is the only criterion that varies from the usual crisis, it can reach a week or more. This state of headache can occur unpredictably or in a context of abuse of analgesics or anti-migraine seizures (Ducros 2006).

Persistent aura without infarction :

This phenomenon occurs in a patient with a history of migraine with typical aura , but here the symptoms of the aura persist for a week or more, without neuroimaging showing any abnormality and in particular no infarction ( Ducros 2006; Geraud et al. 2015).

Migraine infarction :

It is defined as cerebral infarction directly attributable to headache . It occurs in a patient having a habitual attack of migraine with aura and manifesting itself by symptoms which are those of the aura and which persist for a long time. The putative mechanism is an abnormally severe drop in cerebral blood flow during a migraine attack with aura (Ducros 2006; Géraud et al. 2015).

Epilepsy triggered by a migraine aura :

This phenomenon is rare and has never been reported for migraines without aura. In these patients, it is a typical epileptic seizure during the aura or within one hour after it (Ducros 2006; Géraud et al. 2015)

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