Les graines de chia, l’aliment indispensable pour soulager la migraine cette rentrée

Chia seeds, the essential food to relieve migraine this school year

Mar 20, 2021

A super food touted everywhere for its nutritional qualities and benefits , chia seeds are perfect for heading back to school . Originally from South America, these sage seeds (Salvia hispanica) are rich in plant proteins and essential fatty acids . Here is a list of good reasons to give it a try. Sprinkle your dishes with these little miracle seeds or eat them in the form of chia pudding !

It's excellent for transit

With the stress of the start of the school year, the complicated management of the current situation, it is difficult to maintain good transit . No doubt with the excesses of summer, your intestinal flora has been turned upside down. Chia seeds are very rich in fiber and mucilage, known to help fight constipation . You can sprinkle your dishes, or better, prepare a chia pudding for breakfast. Combined with coffee, which also has laxative properties, you will be sure to get relief.

It enriches the diet

Indeed, rich in essential fatty acids , chia seeds can meet the nutritional needs that our body needs. Likewise, this superfood provides our body with proteins and carbohydrates. In total, it has 30% fatty acids (including 54% omega 3 type and 19% omega 6 type) and 40% carbohydrates. To round it all out, there is also a little iron, zinc, selenium, B vitamins, magnesium and potassium.

They contain polyphenol, which makes them naturally antioxidant.

By accompanying your diet with 30 g of chia seeds per day, you will provide many benefits to your body. Nothing stops you from consuming more.

Dessert with chia seeds and raspberries

Chia seeds and migraine

Although no clinical studies have shown the benefits of chia seeds for relieving migraines, the intake of essential fatty acids has already been proven. However , chia seeds are very rich in these fatty acids. Many patients have also reported the benefits of chia seeds on the frequency and intensity of their migraine attacks . They are also very rich in magnesium and omega-3. Several clinical studies have demonstrated the benefits of magnesium in the frequency of migraine attacks. Integrating these small seeds into your diet can only be beneficial for your health and why not, help relieve your headaches.

Chia seeds help with weight loss

Thanks to its absorbent capacities, chia seeds are mucilages. They swell and form a sort of gelatin. When ingested, they have the property of creating an effect of satiety . No more cravings and the nagging feeling of hunger during the day. Eating a good chia -based breakfast would keep you going all morning. If you tend to snack too much in the evening, why not quench your thirst with a chia fresca . This traditional Mexican drink, ancient and fresh, is extremely simple to make. We share the recipe with you:

Chia fresca

Preparation time: 5 min Ingredients:

- Water

- Lemon juice

- A tablespoon of chia seeds

- Agave syrup

In a pot, place a tablespoon of chia seeds . Fill it with water, lemon juice, measured to your liking, as well as agave syrup (or any other sweetening syrup). Place everything in the refrigerator for ten minutes. Enjoy chilled.


Chia seeds are full of qualities. Rich and easy to consume, they will allow you to start the year in the best conditions, while offering you the possibility of varying simple and delicious recipes.

To find out more, don't hesitate to discover Christophe Bernard's channel which details the benefits of this superfood in more detail here.

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