Les vertus de la cranberry sur la santé

The health benefits of cranberries

Mar 20, 2021
The cranberry has been known for centuries to combat certain disorders. Rich in tannins and acidity, this fruit is an effective ally in maintaining your health. Traditionally used by Native Americans to combat pain, it was particularly effective in combating stomach problems. Indeed the cranberry is made up of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, thanks to its fairly high content of vitamin C. It is also defined as a super food. Nowadays it is mainly used by women to fight cystitis and urinary tract infections. It helps to strengthen the urinary flora. So let's see what all the virtues of this fruit are.

Composition of the cranberry

Cranberry extracts are found in certain drugs available in pharmacies. This shows how this fruit is officially perceived as a remedy. And for good reason, this fruit is full of nutrients and vitamins. Cranberries have a high vitamin C content. This vitamin is well known for its antioxidant properties. It helps fight against free radicals that damage cells and cause them to age. This vitamin therefore promotes the protection of cells and their lifespan by making them more resistant. Vitamin C therefore promotes the strengthening of the immune system. This berry is also rich in proanthocyanidins which are antioxidant phytonutrients. They protect the body against certain diseases such as cancer and help delay aging. Proanthocyanidins help fight bacteria that infect the bladder or urinary system. They also help prevent cardiovascular problems. One of the singularities of the cranberry is that it is also composed of tannins. These agents are known for their astringent properties. The body does not absorb tannins but they cling to toxic elements to eliminate them more easily in the urine or through the stool. Tannins therefore help to better fight infections.

A formidable fruit against cystitis

Above all, the cranberry makes it possible to fight urinary tract infections and to increase urinary comfort . She is also very well known among women for these reasons.

Fight bacteria that cause cystitis

The powerful antioxidant properties of cranberries are what helps fight urinary tract infections. The proanthocyanidins that constitute it protect the mucous membranes by lining them. Thus, the bacteria responsible for infections cannot attach themselves to the urinary walls. The cranberry therefore acts as a protective shield against urinary tract infections. It is therefore a natural antibiotic that helps fight against the Escherichia Coli bacteria responsible for cystitis.

Take care of your urinary flora

If the cranberry helps to treat cystitis, it is more effective in preventing and avoiding infections since its effect is protective. It cannot completely eliminate the infection, especially if it affects the kidneys. But when you are regularly affected by cystitis , consuming cranberry in prevention is the best way to avoid their recurrence. To prevent the appearance of cystitis, you can consume cranberry juice or consume it in the form of tablets such as food supplements. The consumption of cranberry helps to avoid feelings of urinary discomfort and to regulate urination.

The benefits of cranberry to fight colds in winter

If we know the cranberry especially to improve the comfort of the bladder, we often ignore that it also helps to fight winter ailments such as the common cold or certain not very serious respiratory conditions. The cranberry berry is rich in polyphenols which are antioxidants helping to stimulate the production of lymphocytes. These allow our immune system to work. This fruit therefore helps to boost its immunity when our body is very much in demand to fight against the cold, infections and bacteria, especially in winter. It also helps fight the flu virus . Consuming it in winter helps protect against viral diseases. It is therefore useful to consume cranberry regularly in all its forms, especially in winter.

Cranberry to protect your arteries

The cranberry being very rich in vitamin C , it helps prevent premature aging and prevent cardiovascular disease. Indeed, regularly consuming cranberry would reduce the process of stiffening of the arteries caused by the endothelium inside the blood vessels. The arteries tend to stiffen and become fragile due to many cardiovascular diseases. The cranberry therefore helps the blood vessels to regain their flexibility and health. Athletes also consume cranberry juice to prevent possible cardiovascular problems, but also because cranberry is rich in two minerals essential for health, magnesium and zinc.

A fruit to preserve the proper functioning of the digestive system

According to recent studies, cranberry plays a role in protecting the stomach and digestive system . Indeed, it would help fight against stomach ulcers. The cranberry acts on the flora of the stomach and intestinal as for the urinary flora. It helps to concentrate probiotics to fight the bacteria responsible for ulcers and to protect the flora. The cranberry is therefore a fruit that conceals virtues as numerous as they are little known. It is therefore a fruit to integrate into your food routine, whether in the form of juice or food supplements.

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