Anna, 6ans et demi, fille de Justine et migraineuse

Anna, 6 and a half years old, daughter of Justine and migraine sufferer

Apr 09, 2021

My name is Anna, I am 6 and a half years old . My headaches started a year and a half ago. When I have a headache, it hits, it tickles and it represents a D on my forehead. Once the D was on both sides and it hurt all over my forehead. When I have boo, my mistress calls my mom to find out if she gives a pill. I have the right to go and rest in the canteen. It's much quieter.

When my friends shout, it hits even more and it hurts my head a lot

When mom and dad get angry it hits even harder. Sometimes when my friends play outside and I don't, it makes me a little sad. To get better, I have to get some fresh air and be calm . I see a doctor who is very nice; and can have an appointment with her quickly even when it's not planned. I'm going to see a lady to help me breathe well and control my headaches. My parents bought me headphones to listen to the lady's session at school. When I have a headache, mom takes care of me; she gives me medicine, she makes me run a bath and then in bed warm. I can talk to my mum about my sores, because mum is like me and she knows what it is. Anna

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