Annie, 62 ans : les souffrances d'une ancienne migraineuse chronique

Annie, 62: the suffering of a former chronic migraine sufferer

Apr 09, 2021

My name is Annie, I am 62 years old, and I have suffered from migraines for 37 years. My first migraine came like a thunderclap in my early teens.

An unknown world opened before me, that of suffering.

My genetic heritage most certainly predisposed me to this, just like my mother, my grandmother. The scenario repeated itself over and over again, over the years. That of a throbbing pain on one side only, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, paresthesias and visual hallucinations. The latter paralyzed me the first times, how not to be when I discovered this famous Alice in Wonderland syndrome where I became a Lilliputian in a world of giants, the other auras with lightning made me lose my sight for 15 minutes.

I was torpedoed, sunk, crushed with each crisis.

I was dragged into endless abysses , relentlessly. I looked for all the possible solutions, to attenuate these sufferings, I tried all the drugs without a real result during long years. Despite everything, I struggled and returned to studies with a profession adapted to my health problems. The arrival of my daughter was beneficial, as we know the migraine sufferer is emotionally sensitive or becomes so with the frequency of this disease. Thanks to the arrival of triptans my life changed, I was generally responding quite well to the treatment. Of course, there were side effects, but I could bear it, because I no longer had those violent and destructive migraines. A new life began quickly stopped by endometriosis, treated in extremis.

Stress was a major factor and trigger.

From the age of 44, the crises become more and more spaced out until the menopause. At the age of 50, everything went very quickly with a stroke, more precisely a thrombosis of the central retinal vein towards the CHU with in the end a prescription for Kardégic. A year and a half later, I was menopausal and not a single migraine. What a relief !!! I live again, I no longer have suffering or food restrictions, I eat everything I want with pleasure. I hope this testimony can bring some hope to some people with a similar case. Looking back, I allow myself to suggest continuing sports or musical activities to maintain a balance in life. Going back to the past was trying, I had become a bit amnesiac about this painful experience. I relive it sadly with my 34-year-old daughter who is also a chronic migraine sufferer.

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