La migraine et ses facteurs déclenchants

Migraine and its triggers

Jun 03, 2021

Generally accompanied by various symptoms, chronic headache is a real neurological disease. It comes with phonophobia, some nausea, vomiting, photophobia, a series of tingling, localized pain, and if you know, you can complete the list... there are many people who want to understand this disease and its consequences ; understand the origins of a migraine, understand the treatment, also understand that you can get better. Unfortunately, it is a disease still too little studied for various medical reasons, and it is difficult to obtain clear and transposable answers to all, on this destructive disease. There are some studies carried out in countries other than France which indicate that certain triggering factors are not really triggers. However, we remain the best doctor of our disease. We know very well our body, our life and our habits to find the balance between crises.

Chocolate, charcuterie and fat to cause migraines?

So the foods that we love and that do us good when we feel a little depressed make us fat, but even better, they do us downright harm by triggering a migraine attack. In short, to live almost normally and limit the effects of the disease, avoid certain foods such as fat, chocolate, cold meats, cheese and butter cakes. Technically, we know very well that this is not possible. In reality, it is inconceivable, in addition to regularly canceling outings with friends due to migraine, to refuse a good restaurant with cheese and a chocolate dessert! But is chocolate really a headache trigger? A Quebec study was carried out a few years ago with migraine sufferers invited to eat partly real chocolate and partly fake chocolate. The participants had to note the presence of a migraine after consumption of the chocolate. But the result of the study proves that chocolate is not the cause of migraines... Finally, a small square of chocolate will remain a delicious pleasure, without fearing too much a new neuralgia! Source to watch: See the video Explanations by Dr. Elizabeth Leroux, neurologist practicing in Quebec, during a conference in front of students and professionals.

Alcohol, coffee and cigarettes, triggering factors for chronic headaches?

Alcoholic beverages and tobacco are already to be consumed in moderation. Beer and red wine are the drinks best known as tension headache triggers. From talking to other migraine sufferers, it is known that few migraine sufferers use alcohol and tobacco on a regular basis. The attacks of headaches being already quite painful, it is useless to add the intoxication and its hangover. Coffee, on the other hand, is another story. Caffeine consumers know that this product should be avoided. Caffeine is a stimulant that acts on several levels on the body: brain, heart rate, etc. In addition, some drugs prescribed as part of a treatment against migraine are not compatible with the regular consumption of caffeine or theine.

Stress, sleep, and fatigue in the service of tension headaches

Today, we know that the change of state causes the migraine attack. During the week, we kill ourselves with the task, obliging the body and the spirit to give the best of itself at every moment. But on Friday evening, it's rest. Same for the weekend. We assume that we can let the mind relax. This change of state leads to a headache... it even leads to the famous chronic weekend migraine. The one that nails the person to bed, for the only 2 days when they could rest and enjoy some leisure time. Once again, a simple element of everyday life prevents the migraine sufferer from living normally. At this stage, fatigue and stress are inevitable. Is it possible to avoid or limit the impact of chronic weekend headache? Sometimes. A regular rhythm of life already helps to fight against violent crises, even to reduce the frequency of crises. Going to bed and getting up at fixed times forces the body to follow a healthy rhythm. This is a first element. Then, it is important to get enough sleep, at least 8 hours, to provide energy to the body.

Screens, smells and noises, migraine's good friends

The blue light from screens is already accused of delaying sleep and tiring the eyes of non-migraine sufferers, so it is better to protect yourself. Solutions are at hand, such as glasses with an anti-blue light filter to preserve the eyes and the brain. If, in addition to screen stimulation, we add the scents and noises that upset everyday life, it's even more difficult to live with. Some repetitive smells and noises are sources of annoyance and stress that can lead to headaches. How to say, with delicacy, to the colleague on the right that her perfume is unbearable? Work relationships can get very complicated…

Wind, heat and cold to have a good migraine!

It is common knowledge that we control the climatic hazards in our lives! And unfortunately, they have the power to trigger headaches, or worse, a migraine. Finally, the wind and the heat are very vicious! Migraine patients know it well: it is impossible to control everything. Those who suffer from migraine must also deal with the weather, in addition to everyday life. In this case, we learn to develop techniques. When the wind blows hard and long, the triggering of a headache attack is often unavoidable, and in this case, we protect ourselves with a relaxation session, causing a voluntary change of state. Other people will favor a session in acupuncture and other alternative medicine as a treatment for the crisis. Everything is good to take in the case of an external element that gives migraines. The discomfort slowly fades away, making the symptoms more bearable, especially when anti-inflammatories, paracetamol, ibuprofen, aspirin or other drug treatments no longer work.

What is good for migraine?

After all these constraints, you need a positive touch, right? We remove chocolate, cold cuts, cheese, sugar, tobacco, alcohol, and in addition, we limit stress, lack of sleep, fatigue, screens, perfumes, noises, exposure to the wind... basically, you almost have to stop living... almost! Indeed, there are still very good foods to eat! Vitamin B is an ally against headaches . It is found in legumes, spinach or even potatoes. In addition to vitamin B, omega 3 and magnesium help fight migraine attacks. Fish and nuts are therefore very interesting. Now you know what to test...

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