La migraine, une maladie non mortelle et sans gravité

Migraine, a non-fatal and harmless disease

Jun 17, 2021

Migraine, a non-fatal and harmless disease

While surfing the internet, I discovered this sentence: migraine is a non-fatal and harmless disease. Migraineur for 25 years, I did not find myself at all in this simple sentence. And then I thought: yes, compared to other illnesses, you don't die of a migraine, and when the attack is over, you can resume a normal life. Except that... finally, our life, as migraine sufferers, is not so normal. Migraineurs must be aware of many everyday factors to avoid the attack - even if, sometimes, it is inevitable. It is not fatal, but terribly painful. It is not medically serious, but the consequences on daily life are immeasurable...

Migraine, an extremely painful disease

Migraine is not fatal, but extremely painful. For those who do not know this disease and who think that migraine is a big headache, know that you are completely wrong. With a headache, we take a Doliprane, and the pain passes. But a migraine is more complex, deeper, more painful. Find out how to relieve migraine naturally Usually, a migraine does not happen alone . The victim (because yes, a migraine is like a repeat offender of the crime of the brain) then experiences photophobia (hypersensitivity to light) and/or phonophobia (hypersensitivity to sounds), nausea and/or vomiting, in addition dull pain pounding in the skull. The symptoms are different from person to person, both in terms of their intensity and their appearance. So, of course, it is not fatal (and fortunately!), but it is extremely painful.

A disabling disease

Being a migraine sufferer also means not being available for loved ones, family, children or colleagues for a certain time during the week or month. A migraine attack leaves you in the dark and in silence for an indefinite time, deep in a warm, soft bed that the pain completely erases (even this sweet benefit is lost in the middle of a migraine). When we are hit by a crisis, we stop moving, we stop thinking, and we turn into a stream of multicolored pain. We are unavailable, and at the same time, we force the family to limit the production of the noises of life. The children do not always understand and continue their little life, without us... and we miss the laughs, the jokes, the nonsense, the series on Netflix that we watch as a family. And this situation can make you very unhappy. At work , it's the same. We call in the morning to say that we will be away for the day, until the crisis calms down a little and the filthy, metallic taste that has lodged in the back of the throat dissipates a little, until the nausea flies away to other skies... the colleagues, in their offices, go there with their little acerbic remarks, and here we are cataloged in the box "lazy or lazy"... So, of course, she is designated as "without medical gravity", but the consequences on life are profound and immutable.

A shameful disease

When you have a migraine, you avoid talking about it. For what ? Quite simply, because we are unreliable* in the eyes of our loved ones. Because, in addition to nailing us to bed for a few hours, and having to fight against the pain pounding our brain, it excludes us from the world of the living. We miss moments of our life, we miss the positive moments with the family, the laughter, the heckling, the arguments, the smiles, the love. It is far from pleasant (to put it mildly) to trade a sweet life for pain! Most people are compassionate...the first few times, at least. Then, annoyance sets in very quickly. The murderous little phrases fall, like sabers tearing the tender flesh: “Are you still in bed? » - « You still have a migraine, but you don't treat yourself or what? » - « Nah, it's not worth asking her, she'll say no, she has migraines. So we don't talk about it. We try to treat ourselves with the means at hand and advice gleaned from right and left, because there is no medicine specially designed to treat migraine . Grandma's remedies work for a while; time to fool migraine. But, from this battle, she always emerges victorious.

The migraine in conclusion

When a migraine sufferer hears that migraine is a non-fatal and harmless disease, it's disturbing! We understand that medically, it is correct, but humanly, it is more difficult to accept. The pain is very real, and this disease is disabling, shameful, unbearable (for oneself, one's family and friends) and difficult to detect, even today. We grope in the treatment, but also in the diagnosis . Certainly, we do not die, but we suffer terribly. And to date, studies do not allow us to say whether or not these repeated events produce long-term effects in the brain...

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