Analyse des actifs naturels contre la douleur de la fibromyalgie

A Step Forward in Fibromyalgia Research Thanks to Natural Actives

Sep 11, 2023

Fibromyalgia is a complex and often misunderstood condition that affects millions of people around the world. Characterized by chronic muscle pain , persistent fatigue and sleep disturbances , it has long been a medical mystery. At Naturveda, our innovative research laboratory, we work closely with Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital to lift the veil on this debilitating condition. One of our flagship projects focuses on the study of natural active ingredients and their impact on fibromyalgia.

Objectives and Hypotheses

Launched in 2022 for a duration of two years, the project seeks to understand how different natural compounds such as trace elements, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids can modulate the pain felt by patients with fibromyalgia. Our initial hypothesis is that these compounds could play a crucial role in the regulation of symptoms, thus offering an alternative or complement to traditional pharmacological treatments.

Preliminary Results and Implications

Current research is promising. We have already gathered substantial evidence on the effectiveness of certain compounds, including magnesium, tryptophan and zinc. These discoveries made it possible to formulate the " FM complex ", a natural treatment specially designed for fibromyalgia patients.

This complex could represent a significant advance in the treatment of fibromyalgia, offering potentially less invasive and more durable solutions than current options. Although further studies are needed to validate these results, the implications for patients could be revolutionary: reduced pain, improved quality of life, and perhaps even a better understanding of the disease itself.

Partnership and Collaboration

The collaboration with the Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital not only allows us to access specialized resources and skills, but also to conduct rigorous clinical trials. This partnership is essential to ensure the reliability and applicability of our findings.


The work being done at Naturveda as part of this project is helping to inform our understanding of fibromyalgia and paving the way for more effective and natural treatments. By focusing our research efforts on natural actives, we hope to demonstrate that nature itself can offer powerful solutions to the most complex medical challenges.

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