Techniques to reduce stress and calm the mind

Mar 20, 2021
Today, more and more of us suffer from recurring stress, anxiety or even mental overactivity (incessantly rehashed and anxiety-provoking thoughts, various concerns, etc.). At the same time that most of us lead a hectic lifestyle, mental illnesses (or psychological disorders) have never been so numerous. Depression, burnout and existential questions have become common in the 21st century . This is evidenced by the growth in activities in the field of well-being and therapies of all kinds. But concretely, what can we apply on a daily basis to feel better and even perfectly well? What simple techniques can we adopt and when to use them? Should we forget the medication usually prescribed by a majority of psychologists or use it more consciously?

Use medication only when you are dangerous to yourself or to others

If you are not dangerous to yourself or others, it is obviously better to leave aside medications that numb your natural functions allowing you to feel your emotions and become aware of the root causes of your discomfort. . On the other hand, if you feel that you could literally lose your footing, that you could be dangerous for yourself or others, that you have suicidal thoughts or simply need a temporary and short-term boost for yourself relieve, please accept the medication. You are the only one who can decide and discern whether this will do you good or, on the contrary, harm you. But to discern properly, you still need to be well informed. Anti-depressants are not medications to be taken lightly , so you must make the effort to think about them seriously before accepting this type of treatment and inform yourself. Read scientific journals, read all the information available to you before deciding. Far too many professionals today have the quick and easy pen to scribble on the prescription that it will be good for their patient to take a multitude of anti-depressants and anti-anxiolytics. They do it far too often for people who could do without it by adopting other alternatives that are less radical and healthier for them. Lacking sufficient knowledge about these other alternatives, these professionals treat the symptom and the consequence instead of truly listening and trying to get to the cause of the torment. Most often, this is also the solution they adopt due to lack of time to devote to their patients. And finally, they simply apply what they learned during their initial training without necessarily making the effort to update their knowledge. In life, it is important, good and safe to know how to question everything, whatever the situation or the status of the person opposite. Find out about the effects of these medications before taking them, and be sure you really need them before accepting them. They are indeed useful for some people in certain situations, but that is not always the case either. If you have to take them then take them, there is also no shame in it. But just take them if it's actually the best option for you right now. Now, if you are neither dangerous for yourself nor for others, what solutions do you have left to feel better on a daily basis and cope with periods of stress or anxiety? We come to this and you will realize that the techniques presented are quite simple to implement. Woman_stress

Techniques and advice to soothe stress, anxiety and the mind

There are many techniques today to do good for ourselves, to calm the body and mind during stressful situations or when anxiety paralyzes us. Here are a few. Try them and choose the one or ones that work for you. Make them your own in the way that is right for you and only you.

Focus on the flame of a candle

This is a very simple and very inexpensive technique since you only need one candle. Make yourself comfortable in a seated position and turn it on. Place it in front of your eyes at a distance of approximately 15 centimeters and stare at the flame for several minutes. You will normally feel after a while that your thoughts are fewer and a sort of inner calm will gradually settle in.

take a hot bath

You probably won't learn much from this, but baths are a simple and effective way to relax. At the right temperature, with scented or unscented oils, the bath allows you to simply relax.

Do breathing exercises to calm stress

Relieving stress and anxiety by becoming aware of your breathing is possible. Get comfortable or go for a walk, then take deep breaths through your nose. Exhale through your mouth for a long time. Repeat the exercise as many times as necessary to restore calm within you.

Accept and express emotions

Repressed emotion causes discomfort and anxiety. Accept what you feel, then express it. This simply allows you not to keep everything inside yourself and to avoid accumulations of negative emotions, which sooner or later will come out.

Meditate at any time of the day

Do you allow yourself at least 5 minutes of calm and silence during the day? Many do not do this and many object that they simply cannot do it, that it is too difficult to implement, that they forget and get "caught up" in their activities. So here is the foolproof tip to achieve this. Put a reminder on your computer or cell phone. Otherwise, identify the calmest and most convenient time for you in advance and establish a routine for this time that you want to allow yourself. While sitting, lying down, or walking, breathe consciously and close your eyes. Listen to your feelings, observe your thoughts, and remain loving towards everything that comes your way.

Take a walk and reconnect with nature

The power of nature is infinite. By simply going for a walk, the plants, the wind, the light, the birds, etc., will do you the greatest good. Walking barefoot also offers many benefits in terms of relaxation and grounding. It brings the attention back to the present moment.

Reduce demands in your environment

Do you really need to have the TV, radio, PC, console, laptop all working at the same time? Do you really need to have 80 trinkets on your shelves? “Too much” is never good and it is always the translation of an imbalance and a lack. By concretely reducing the excessive demands in your environment, you bring a little calm and clarity inside.

Sleep well, in quantity and quality to reduce stress

Sleep is important and restorative . Again, you're probably not learning anything new, but are you making sure you sleep well? Restorative sleep truly is when you have had enough sleep (in hours) and slept well (in comfort). So here are some tips for sleeping well. First of all, don't put a TV or other electronic devices in your bedroom. Secondly, choose soft and light colors because they are more calming. Finally, make sure the temperature is right, that is, don't put on too much heat. Try to get 8 hours of sleep if you are an adult.

Focus on the present moment

The present moment should be our only concern , because it is in the present moment that we create, that we are spontaneous, that we truly live. We often spend our time worrying about our future and beating ourselves up about what we could have done better in the past. Stop! The only thing that really matters is the present moment, the person in front of the present moment, what we want to do and be in the present moment. The present moment is a grace, a gift, why constantly waste it? Stress_laughter-mental

Take care of yourself

A good way to reduce stress and anxiety is to take care of yourself . We can do this in various ways and it remains personal to each person. For example by having a massage, having a treatment, taking some time to read or garden, whatever, take time for yourself and to do yourself good.

Do physical activity to relieve stress

To relieve tension and balance your energy, physical activity is essential . Yoga, gym, swimming, basketball, walking, mountain biking, find the one that suits you but practice a sporting activity regularly.

Reduce coffee and stimulants

Coffee is a stimulant that can increase your stress or anxiety . Don't hesitate to reduce it a little and replace it with something else. Screens are also stimulants, avoid spending too much time in front of a screen, especially before rest and bedtime.

Laugh and have fun to eradicate stress

Laugh, it's good for eradicating stress and anxiety , it's good for feeling good. Become a child again and allow yourself to laugh and have fun.

Consult to have a listening

It can be very beneficial to be able to talk to someone about what is bothering us. Do not hesitate to consult to have a listen. You can also try alternative therapies like hypnosis, reiki, etc.

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