Marie, 38 ans, migraineuse chronique depuis l’enfance

Marie, 38, chronic migraine sufferer since childhood

Apr 09, 2021

Chronic migraine has always been part of my life, since my childhood . As a child, I complained to my mother of having "a forehead ache". Later, I discovered by chance that it was not normal to have a constant headache. As an adult, I tried all kinds of basic treatments, but without success. All these drugs, which are not always intended for chronic migraine sufferers in the first place, did not reduce my attacks but contributed to weakening me a little more. Today, after more than 35 years of suffering, I still haven't found an alternative to really relieve myself. The migraine is there, almost every day. It affects my daily life, it's a real handicap. In order to avoid crises, I have to deprive myself of certain foods, certain activities... Migraine is a real prison, hell on Earth. The most difficult thing for me is the lack of consideration for this disease, in particular through ignorance. No, migraine is not a common headache !

She often prevents me from getting up, from properly taking care of my children, of my house. Living with your head in a vice is really not easy. It's an evil that gnaws at us from the inside, which, even if it doesn't kill, often makes us want to end it because the pain is so intense. So, of course, in the midst of a crisis, certain medications relieve us, but it must be understood that this does not reduce the symptoms associated with chronic migraine (intolerance to noise, smells, light, nausea, sometimes vomiting, dizziness, etc. .), not to mention adverse drug reactions. Migraine is a very debilitating disease that deserves to be better known and recognized than it is today. It affects about 15% of the world's population, and yet it is still not treated properly...

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