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Healthy feet

Jan 18, 2024

Throughout our lives, we travel around the Earth 2.5 times with our feet . On a symbolic level, they embody our attitudes and our positions. Essential to the support and mobility of our entire body, they are subject to strong constraints and exposed to pain which can be caused by wearing unsuitable shoes and lack of movement.

Here are some tips for finding healthy feet!

Shoe and pain

Evolution did not foresee the use of shoes when the foot was formed . Even if you wear comfortable shoes, the muscles and ligaments are not as well trained as if you walked barefoot .

In France, foot pain affects 17% to 40% of the adult population , and is much more common among older women. They can disrupt balance, increase the risk of falls and affect general mobility and independence. It is therefore essential to diagnose the cause.

Here are the most common foot problems:

  • Flat foot and hollow foot : originates from deformation of the arch of the foot
  • Hallux valgus : deviation of the big toe
  • Plantar fasciitis : inflammation of the plantar fascia
  • Metatarsalgia : pain felt at the sole of the foot

A close link with rooting and connection to the earth:

The foot has 26 bones, 107 ligaments and 20 muscles that allow us to balance upright, support our weight and move while walking or running. The foot rests on the ground and is what connects us to the Earth .

It symbolizes the principle of reality, in particular the degree, of pragmatism and participation in external life. The feet take on the most servile functions, acting as servants , manifesting what the head chooses and decides.

Foot conditions demonstrate a fear of moving forward in life or a fear of the future. A feeling of trampling or going in circles, a feeling of being limited in life. We can't find the right step to take.

Healthy feet

3 tips for healthy feet:

1. Practice earthing:

Shoes isolate us from sensations. Walking barefoot expands our consciousness , reconnects us to the energy of the earth . It makes us aware of what is under our feet, and even more broadly, gives us an awareness of the world and the fact that, through the ground, we are all connected .

At home, in your garden, in the forest, whenever you get the chance , walk barefoot. You will discharge unwanted electrons due to stress and fatigue, thin your blood and soften your tissues.

2. Adopt minimalist shoes

In shoes that are too narrow, the alignment of the toes with the metatarsals (the bones that extend from the toes) becomes distorted over time. Of course surfaces or the social environment do not allow walking barefoot. With this in mind, the minimalist shoe is the solution. It interferes as little as possible with the natural movements of the foot. It is characterized by its lightness and its longitudinal flexibility (folding the shoe in the front/rear axis)

The thickness of the sole at the heel, called "drop", must be at the same level as the forefoot.

3. Stay active and integrate daily exercises to find strong, supple and functional feet

It is well known that a sedentary lifestyle accelerates the negative effects of aging. Lack of flexibility, increased rigidity of the structures of the foot, deformation of the toes or foot, overweight, loss of bone density, change in overall posture...

The sport or activity you choose does not have to be high intensity. Gardening, walking, swimming , practicing yoga are all ways to get moving without increasing the risk of injury.

A 15-minute routine for strong, supple feet

  • Self-massage with tennis ball:

This exercise is done standing and barefoot. It will release tension, stimulate blood circulation and, from an energetic point of view, it will harmonize all parts of the body: Place a tennis ball on the ground in front of you and bring it under the sole of your foot . Roll it slowly under your foot, first forming circles to identify points of tension.

Then, massage your entire arch from front to back and from left to right, pressing more or less hard with the weight of your body. End on your toes, gripping the ball with your toes.

Do not hesitate to massage for longer the areas where you feel it feels good. Then switch to the other foot.

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