La pétasite pour soulager la migraine

Butterbur for Migraine Relief

Nov 30, 2020

Do you have recurring migraines ? Can't find an effective remedy? Have you tried butterbur? If not, stay with us! We are going to tell you everything about this almost miraculous plant. Ready to learn more? So let's go !

What is butterbur?

Butterbur is simply a plant that belongs. The Asteraceae family.

The butterbur extract comes from the bulb of the plant, the leaves, but also from the roots of the latter. It is a plant that is found mainly in humid marshes, on humid forest soils or even at the edge of waterways. As you must surely understand, it absolutely needs water to be able to grow properly. It is a plant that has many benefits.

Indeed, you can use it on wounds, coughs or even asthma. Migraines can also go away with butterbur.

However, it is also important to note that the latter can relieve various ailments:

  • It helps to treat seasonal allergies.
  • It can also protect the brain.
  • It promotes good cardiovascular health. You will have less risk of having a heart attack, for example.
  • It can also reduce inflammation.

It is therefore a plant that you will have to have with you wherever you go. Indeed, the latter is really beneficial for the human body.

Very effective in relieving migraine?

In the management of migraine, butterbur has a good reputation. Its effectiveness comes from the sesquiterpene lactones it contains. Like feverfew (chrysanthemum parthenium), butterbur has terpenes that are very effective in relieving headaches.

However, it also has other active ingredients with significant side effects.

Since the 2000s, France no longer authorizes its marketing.

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