DIGESTION herbal tea Organic (80g)

Made in France

Bio Digestion Infusion: A Natural Ally for Your Digestive System

Introducing Bio Digestion Infusion , a unique blend of botanicals that benefit your digestion while preventing oxidative stress.

Combining extracts of apples, olive leaves, lemon balm and verbena, selected for their benefits on the digestive sphere and their richness in antioxidants , Naturveda Digestion Infusion is the natural support for comfortable digestion and soothing the digestive system . .

  • Association of 5 plants and organic fruit
  • Benefits on the digestive sphere
  • Prevention of oxidative stress
  • French made

An infusion created to alleviate digestive disorders

Created to alleviate regular or occasional digestive disorders (slow digestion, painful digestion, heaviness, bloating, etc.), this tender and balanced blend, with the good taste of apple-verbena, is the ideal ally at the end of a meal. The combination of selected plants also helps to prevent oxidative stress (aging of cells) and to alleviate stress and tension.

A mixture of plants for better digestion

This unique blend of plants is designed to support the body in better digestion and to free itself from small excesses. The Digestion infusion fits perfectly into a varied and balanced diet, and into a healthy lifestyle.

We have created a range of beneficial herbal infusions, to offer you an experience of well-being and taste. Because plants have so much to offer, we naturally use their benefits to promote your well-being.


Organic apple
Organic olive leaves
Organic lemon balm
Organic whole verbena
Organic verbena leaves

Preparation tips :

Dosage: 3 to 4g/cup (250ml)

Water temperature: 95/100°C

Infusion time: 3 to 4 min

Best consumed: After meals

Precaution:Store in a cool, dry place.