Nos recherches en neurosciences

Our research in neuroscience

Oct 20, 2021

Naturveda collaborates with the faculties of Clermont-Fd, INSERM, and CNRS

Innovating for migraine patients

Our laboratory has been involved for several years with the University of Auvergne and INSERM laboratories to advance research on migraine . We regularly integrate students (master and doctorate) into our projects or innovative start-ups in the region. On the one hand, we are studying the physiopathology of migraine , in order to better understand its mechanism of action and its consequences on the brain . On the other hand, we study medicinal plants and their active ingredients to develop innovative treatments without side effects . Nature has a lot to offer us, it is a gigantic resource of molecules of all kinds and active ingredients. Scientific developments now allow us to quickly screen hundreds of molecules and establish links between their potential benefits in a disease and their toxicity.

Neuro-dol is a world-renowned INSERM laboratory , specializing in the study of migraine and facial pain . We are studying with them the physiopathology of migraine and the effectiveness of active plant ingredients in preventing attacks . We are also setting up clinical studies where the CHU of Clermont-Ferrand will be the promoter. To assess the effectiveness of MIG SPRAY on a larger scale, we are currently setting up a multicenter clinical study in several university hospitals in France . The results of this study are expected within three years. In the meantime, our students continue to innovate, to test different plant active ingredients and at different concentrations. MIG SPRAY is intended to evolve with the progress of our research...

In the laboratories of the Sigma Institute , students work on plant extraction processes to use only eco-solvents that respect the environment and to optimize the process to ensure sufficient quantities of active ingredients. to hope for effectiveness. The efficiency threshold is given to us beforehand by the Neuro-Dol laboratory. Secondly, students study the molecule of the active principles of plants . They model the molecules and then the receptors, to determine the possibilities of binding by computer. This information is invaluable in understanding the mechanisms of action of plants . They allow us to identify the most important active ingredients , which will then be extracted and then tested in patients. All research is based on respect for the environment and the patient . We only use plants that have no toxicity to develop healthy treatments without side effects.

This very promising Auvergne start-up specialized in peptide synthesis . Its innovative and eco-responsible processes offer us a wide choice of modeling for our experiments. With them, using nuclear magnetic resonance techniques, we study the interactions between the active ingredients and other molecules. When an interaction is established, the Neuro-dol laboratory studies it to analyze its potential impact on the physiopathology of migraine.

And put plants back at the heart of science

Our research is based on the collaboration of several entities, all driven by the desire to better understand migraine and to imagine new treatments that respect the human body. For the past five years, our research has been rewarded with the Booster prize from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. In 2006, we had already received the prize from the Academy of Sciences for our in vitro research. Even today, around ten specialists work every day on behalf of migraine patients.

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