Les huiles essentielles incontournables pour la saison printanière

Essential essential oils for the spring season

Mar 21, 2024

As spring approaches with its share of changes, it may be particularly interesting to take stock of the essential essential oils of this season.

Essential oils and the change of season

Our bodies often respond to seasonal changes. With the arrival of spring, we may feel more energetic, but also more vulnerable to environmental allergens like pollen . Fortunately, certain essential oils can help us manage these seasonal changes.

Essential oils , a powerful concentrate of the plants from which they are extracted, are known for their many beneficial properties. They can help us alleviate allergy symptoms, promote calm and strengthen our immune system .

There are different ways to enjoy the benefits of essential oils. Inhalation and diffusion are the most commonly used methods. Inhalation consists of breathing the vapors of an essential oil placed on a handkerchief or diluted in hot water. As for diffusion , it allows the molecules of essential oils to be dispersed in the ambient air.

Essential essential oils for the spring season

The use of essential oils in spring offers a natural solution to combat the unwanted effects that this season can bring. Among these essential oils , three of them are particularly essential: tarragon, eucalyptus and Roman chamomile.

Tarragon is renowned for its powerful antiallergic properties, particularly effective against seasonal allergies such as hay fever. Eucalyptus , on the other hand, provides relief to the respiratory tract and facilitates breathing, which can be of great help when the amount of pollen in the air increases. Roman chamomile is known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Essential oils are often used synergistically to increase their effectiveness. For example, a popular recipe for combating pollen allergies involves mixing equal amounts of tarragon, eucalyptus, and Roman chamomile essential oil. This synergy offers an effective way to relieve the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

How to use essential oils in spring

The respiratory tract is one of the most effective for benefiting from the benefits of essential oils. With an explosive spring scent, these well-being elixirs provide a real boost. Indeed, a simple inhalation or diffusion allows the body to benefit from their properties.

A good way to stock up on energy at the start of spring is to diffuse a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in your home. Known for its revitalizing properties, it helps fight against the effects of pollen.

For those who are more sensitive to seasonal allergies, the use of tarragon essential oil is recommended. It has natural antihistamine properties and helps relieve pollen allergy symptoms . Simply add a few drops to a diffuser, or inhale it directly.

Let's now move on to Roman chamomile essential oil , a real asset against stress and sleep disorders . It will be a great help in finding restful sleep and fully enjoying the spring days.

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